Horrifying Ghost Stories From Antarctica That’ll Chill You To The Bone

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Antarctica is touted as the most haunted place in the world. Sure, this number is based on the number of ghosts per capita, but with a population fluctuating between 1,000 brave folks in the winter to 4,000 during the summer, there is roughly one perturbed spirit for every nine people that inhabit the desolate continent.

The spirits of explorers, scientists, and tourists are believed to wander the icy wasteland and the abandoned buildings they once inhabited during their lifetimes. Whether by plane crash or exposure to the extreme temperatures, many have involuntarily included themselves among the Antarctic ghosts.

The Ghost Ship ‘Jenny’ Has A Crew Of Frozen Men

The schooner Jenny left port in 1823 and was never seen again until a whaling ship named Hope allegedly made a horrifying discovery in 1840. According to the crew, an ice wall broke open and the trapped Jenny was released from the wall’s icy grip. Sailors noticed people on Jenny’sdeck, but when they boarded, they realized the people had been frozen solid.

The captain of Hope ventured deeper into the ship and found Jenny’s captain frozen in perfect tableau writing in his journal. His last entry is nothing short of chilling:

“May 4, 1823. No food for 71 days. I am the only one left alive.”

Hope’s crew allegedly took the log book but left Jenny to sail on as a ghost ship.

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