9 Creepy Paranormal Events That Were Proven to Be Complete Hoaxes

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From The Amityville Horror to Bigfoot, these hoaxes have gripped the nation for decades.

1. The Bell Witch

This haunting is often touted as the only haunting ever known to kill someone. According to legend, the Bell Witch began targeting the Bell family after they started to hear whispers and laughter coming from dark corners of their house in 1817. The activity escalated with the youngest Bell daughter being punched and slapped around. Finally, John Bell, the father of the clan, was found dead with a vial of poison next to his bed given to him allegedly by the Bell Witch. However, as creepy as this story is– the passages that eventually inspired the book Authenticated History of the Bell Witch from 1894, by Martin Van Buren Ingram were taken from the diary of the youngest Bell son. He entrusted Ingram with his diary and asked him not to publish anything until all his family members had passed. Meaning, people who were actually there to verify these claims were long gone before the legend took root.

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