6 Spooky Ghost Stories From People Who Served

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When it comes to spooky stuff, Iraq and Afghanistan are high up on the list. Here is a list of some spooky stuff that happened to our fans in country. These stories were collected from a string of Facebook comments where we requested our fans tell us the creepiest thing that ever happened to them while they were deployed. Some of these didn’t take place in Iraq or Afghanistan, but are still worth mentioning. The post will begin with my own personal story.

1. The Ghost on Post in FOB Omar. -F530 Admin Josh

In 2008 I was in al-Karmah, Iraq, at a place called FOB Omar. The central building for our FOB was an old mortuary building, my platoon slept in the meat locker where they kept the bodies fresh for embalming. It was spooky, but not even close to the creepiest part of the FOB.

On the roof we had two posts. One was an actual post, the other had two echo silhouettes in it and disguised our counter-battery system. It was the best post on the FOB because you could easily watch your entire sector while another guy faced back towards the steps to keep a lookout for the COG, and the G-Boss camera couldn’t see you inside. (Let’s just say the smoking lamp was lit and helmets were sometimes optional.)

One night while my platoon is on the post cycle, our squad pulls the 0000 to 0600 post. One of my buddies is watching our sector, and I’m watching the stairs for our COG and I spot his head lamp turning off at the bottom. When I turn to let my post-mate know that he’s coming, I see another dark figure in the counter-battery post smoking a cigarette. Panic ensues inside the post, because I thought our platoon sergeant had been on the roof watching us dick around without helmets on the entire time.

When the COG gets to the top of the stairs, I see him make a straight line towards the other post. He stops about halfway across the roof and let’s out an audible “WTF?” then walks straight into our post and asks us if someone else was up on the roof with us.

I tell him that I thought I saw our Gunny in the counter-battery post smoking. He confirms that he thought the same. Only when he approached the post the figure straight up disappeared. When we went over to investigate, the post was empty but smelled like someone had been chain smoking in there the entire day.

Plenty of other people had almost identical experiences with that same thing throughout the deployment. It was still the best post to stand right up until the COC moved it out closer to the north ECP to get better sight lines.

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