5 reasons why a ghost might attach itself to you

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You’ve started to realize that things in your life are off. You feel as though you’re being watched within your own home. Maybe you’ve heard footsteps or whispers while home alone. It’s finally sinking in that you might be dealing with a ghost. So first thing’s first, we have to understand why this ghost is haunting you.

There are several different types of hauntings, and understanding which one is plaguing your home should be your first step. An intelligent haunting is one that can interact with you or objects around your home. The happenings may vary from visual things, like apparitions, to audible oddities, like strange voices caught on camera.

Then there is a residual haunting, or one that happens on repeat — like, for example, the same knocking sound that happens at the same time each day. These types of hauntings cannot interact with you and probably don’t even know you’re there. Other more invasive types of hauntings are poltergeists and demonic entities. Poltergeists cause chaos by moving objects, turning lights on and off, throwing open cabinets, etc. And demonic entities are just bad news for obvious reasons.

So once you’ve nailed down which ghost has invited itself into your home to stay, we then have to figure out how it got there. Below, we’ve listed the reasons why ghosts haunt so you can better determine how to go about living with them or helping them move on.

1. You invited the spirit in.

Ouija boards are not a toy. Let us repeat — Ouija boards are not a toy! If you decide to play with a spirit board (which you shouldn’t because they are not a toy!) acquaint yourself with the rules and risks first.

But if the damage has already been done, and you invited a spirit in and then didn’t close out the spirit board session properly, or you treated the spirits with disrespect, then the odd phenomenons you’re experiencing now may be connected to that session.

There are also other ways a person can invite a spirit in via ritual. So if you are planning on going through with something that will connect you to the “other side,” prepare yourself for the possible consequences. Spirits invited in by occult practices may prove difficult to get rid of.

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