5 Paranormal Events That Have Left Historians Baffled

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Listed below are five paranormal events that have baffled historians and opened the road to a new way of thinking.

Through the ages, stories of paranormal events have been told and retold, often with a nod and a wink implying that these tales are based on folklore or a misinterpretation of natural or otherwise explainable events. But sometimes events can’t be explained away with a simple explanation. They leave a profound impression on those who are exposed to them, puzzling scientists and skeptics and changing the perceptions of those who were once nonbelievers.

5. The Devil’s Footprints

Early on February 8th, 1855, a strange sight awaited the residents of Devon County, England. Marring a fresh blanket of snow that had fallen during the night was a trail of unusual footprints. The trail stretched for more than 100 miles across fields, over walls, and on top of roofs, and they even crossed the River Exe. The prints themselves looked to have been made by a bipedal creature with cloven hooves. The tracks almost seemed to have burned through the snow. Each print was deep, almost reaching the frozen ground below.

Many people were understandably frightened by the appearance of the mysterious footprints. In some cases, the tracks led right up to the entrance of their homes, causing many individuals to cower indoors, fearing that the devil had made his way to Devon in search of sinners.

The footprints have never been explained, but numerous theories have been put forth in the search for a reasonable explanation. Some of the more popular theories include the possibility of a kangaroo having escaped from a private zoo, hopping wood mice, rain falling and then freezing in unusual shapes, a wandering badger, and a stray weather balloon dragging an anchor or instrument. All of these explanations fell short of a concrete answer to the appearance of the mysterious footprints. The distance the tracks traveled would have been very long for any of the animals mentioned and the freezing rain theory doesn’t explain why the tracks were so uniform and clean. As for the weather balloon theory, there were no reports of any balloons having been lost, and the probability of a balloon dragging an implement without snagging on a tree or chimney is very slim. paranormal,paranormal,paranormal

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