5 Paranormal Events Experienced By Troops In WW1

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3. Canadian Soldier Saved From Certain Death by His Lost brother

Corporal Will Bird, a soldier in the 42nd Battalion of the Canadian Black Watch, was asleep with some comrades on the floor of their dugout near Vimy Ridge. When Cpl Bird was awoken by two warm hands on his back, the last face he expected to see was that of his dead brother Steve, who had been killed in action two years earlier. Not speaking aloud but beckoning Cpl Bird to follow him, Steve led his astounded brother out of the dugout and to a bombed-out ruin on the edge of the battlefield, where he promptly disappeared.

Overcome with exhaustion and emotion, Cpl Bird collapsed into a deep sleep before waking several hours later to resume his place in the line. However when he arrived, he discovered that the bunker he and his comrades had been asleep in had been destroyed by an enemy shell, killing all those left inside. There was no doubt in Cpl Bird’s mind that his dearly departed brother had returned that night to save him from the same fate.

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