5 Paranormal Events Experienced By Troops In WW1

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4. The Angels Of Mons

During the Battle of Mons in 1914, what looked like certain defeat and further huge loss of life for the British and Allied forces was temporarily averted when the German cavalry suddenly retreated from one part of the battlefield for no apparent reason, giving the Allies a chance to take cover themselves. Word spread quickly among the troops that angel-like apparitions had appeared between the two opposing sides, shielding the British and terrifying the Germans into retreat.

The English newspaper The Daily Mail reported on an interview with a Private Robert Clever of the 1st Cheshire Regiment, who had purportedly been at Mons and saw the ‘supernatural visions’ for himself.

“Suddenly the vision came between them and the German cavalry. (Private Clever) described it as ‘a flash’…”

Whether or not the soldiers were saved by angels that day it no doubt gave them and their worried relatives back home a tremendous morale boost in the face of extreme difficulties. paranormal,paranormal,paranormal

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