5 Paranormal Events Experienced By Troops In WW1

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It’s understandable that when you are in an unknown and highly dangerous situation, your thoughts could turn to the possibility of dying; from there it is a small step to thinking about something comforting to help you through the ensuing situation, such as a loved one or a cherished faith.

The frontline troops in the trenches of the First World War suffered unthinkable horror and devastation, and it is no surprise therefore that many paranormal stories exist from those tragic four years of conflict, some of which involve sightings of loved ones and spirits.

5.The Disappearance Of The 5th Norfolk Regiment At Gallipoli

Known as the Sandringhams, due to all the members being employed on the British Royal Estate, E company of the 5th Norfolk Regiment were formed from a personal request by their employer King Edward VII, in 1908. Over one hundred part-time soldiers joined the company, made up of estate workers, led by the King’s land agent, Frank Beck.

The company were soon in action, deployed to the Dardanelles campaign in August 1915 and taking place in their very first battle on the twelfth of that month; however by the end of that day, all the members of the Sandringhams had disappeared without a trace. The whole regiment suffered heavy losses. However no trace remained of the Sandringhams at all; no bodies, no prisoners, nothing.

Fifty years later, three veterans claimed to have witnessed the ‘supernatural disappearance’ of the 5th Norfolk Regiment. They claimed to have watched ‘six or eight loaf-shaped clouds’ form and then hover over the area of the battle, just as the advancing troops marched into it, stating that the clouds slowly rose up about an hour later, and no trace of the soldiers was ever seen again. paranormal,paranormal,paranormal

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