5 Chilling Paranormal Events Witnessed by the Police

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4 – The Phantom of Gladstone-Benaraby Road, Australia

Located in the Australian state of Queensland, the Gladstone-Benaraby road has been the site of several strange sightings. (Image credit: Google Maps)

On the evening of Saturday the 21st of March, 2015 the Gladstone-Benaraby road was closed down in Australia to search for a lone woman wandering the road. She had been sighted several times by local residents, crying and stumbling along the road.

Sergeant Andrea Campagnolo was called to the scene. She herself saw a woman on the road, but when she turned the police car around to help her, she had vanished. The police ordered the dog squad to search the area. Nothing was found. Unable to find the distressed woman, the road was reopened.

Later that same evening, the road had to be closed again. Ambulance officers called the police to report having seen a woman wandering the road. A police patrol was sent back, and the search resumed.

Despite having searched for many hours into the night, they found nothing and no-one. No missing persons had been reported in the area either, thus the case was relegated to mystery.

Since the incident, numerous testimonies have been made by people claiming to have seen a woman along the same stretch of road. One local resident, Karli Hobley, described how she and her mother had seen the lady twelve months before the road closure.

“She had her knees bent in. It looked painful. The way she was walking I thought she was drunk We stopped to see if she needed help, but she had already disappeared.” 5

A few months later, in July, a driver reported that they had seen a woman on the side of the road with dark hair and white shirt. Concerned about her, they got closer.

“She disappeared. I was trying to look for her and heard swishing noises against the back of my seat. As I looked in my rear vision mirror, I saw a figure in my back seat.” 6

Despite a stream of similar testimonies of a mysterious woman disappearing on the road, police have been left confused, and unable to solve the case.

Some, however, do believe that there is an answer to this case. This particular road, for many years previous to these sightings, has been the site of multiple car accidents and fatalities. Its reputation is so bad, that a local newspaper, The Gladstone Observer, in 2014 had a commentary written calling upon the local government to repair the road to help decrease the number of accidents. 7

As such, to many it makes sense that the woman witnessed by police officers and local residents was an apparition – a spirit of a lady who was tragically involved in one of the many fatal accidents to have occurred on the road.

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