5 Chilling Paranormal Events Witnessed by the Police

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When documenting the paranormal, one will always come across a vast quantity of unverifiable testimonies. These stories can be compelling, however human nature demands us to suspect the fanciful and intangible. But what about when law enforcers – the police – report the paranormal? With nothing to gain, and their reputation at stake, do the testimonies of police officers offer credible evidence of the paranormal?

5 – The Damned House of Puerto Montt, Chile

The Chilean police force gathered at this house after responding to the distressed calls of a family claiming to be under attack by paranormal force. (Image credit: Carlos Gutierrez EFE)

On 8th February 2017, a poltergeist was claimed to have infected a house in the town of Puerto Montt, Chile. 1

A spirit was said to be causing chaos in the house. Objects were reported as being thrown across rooms by unseen hands; inexplicable scorch marks would appear on furniture; and walls would be damaged. The family lived in constant fear. At the time, neighbours attested to the strange occurrences in the house.

Towards the end of February, one of the family member’s blankets caught fire by itself. With the family’s lives now at risk, the police were called.

When they arrived, inexplicable activity continued to occur. One of the officers on the case, Corporal Olavarría, attested to seeing objects levitate of their own accord. After examining the house thoroughly, he stated that:

“There was no one else inside the house and we could see the blanket on fire… It is something that cannot be explained.”

Whatever was the cause of the strange happenings, it seemed to have a malicious intention. During his investigation of the house, the Corporal himself came under attack.

“I invoked the name of the devil in an attempt to rid the house of the presence. Whilst I was leaving the house, I felt a knife scrape across my back. It was only due to the bullet-proof vest I was wearing that I was able to avoid injury.” 2

At this point, the family was moved out of the house and given shelter by the local community. Unable to explain the events, or find proof of a crime having been committed, there was nothing more that the police could do.

After the family moved out, priests, evangelical missionaries and television crews began to visit the house in an attempt to exorcise the evil force thought to reside within. It was a locally renowned medium by the name of Vanessa Daroch who was claimed to have eventually soothed the poltergeist activity. When she arrived at the house, she is said to have made contact with a female spirit who yearned to know more about a child, also in spirit. After reuniting them, and giving the spirit the information it wanted, the activity was alleged to have calmed down. 3

However, the frightening occurrences in the house did not stop altogether. The family – now back living there – continued to fear what they described as a paranormal presence. Yet, the veracity of the poltergeist activity was placed under question when the medium, certain that she had resolved the troubled spirit, declared the continuing activity as a hoax. As a result, the media concluded that the entire case was a fabrication, most likely perpetrated by the teenage nephew of the owner of the house. 4

The truth, however, remains clouded. Reliable witnesses, including police officers, continued to affirm what they had experienced – that something paranormal did indeed occur at the house. paranormal,paranormal

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