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3. The Enchanted Lake

Before white settlers came to the mountains, the Cherokee people lived in the area they called “Land of Blue Smoke.” A number of Cherokee legends about the Smokies have been preserved, including a story about Atagahi, an enchanted lake that humans cannot see. paranormal,paranormal,paranormal

In one story, a young Cherokee man spent days fasting and praying with the hope that Atagahi would be revealed to him. The young man did not want to hunt at the oasis, he simply wanted to witness the beautiful wildlife and scenery that were rumored to exist at the lake. The man’s spiritual devotion finally paid off when Atagahi emerged from the forest right before his eyes. The magical lake had a stunning violet color and it was teeming with waterbirds, fish, bears, and even more animals. When his vision ended, the man decided to mark the location of the hidden lake with a pile of rocks. paranormal,paranormal,paranormal

A few months later, a brutal winter arrived in the Smoky Mountains, bringing the Cherokee to the brink of starvation. Desperate to find somewhere that he could hunt during the snowstorm, the young man returned to the spot he marked in the forest. Upon entering Atagahi, the man took aim at a black bear with his bow and sent an arrow through the animal’s heart. Rather than dropping to the ground, however, the bear fell into the violet water of the lake and quickly emerged from the water without a single scratch on his body. In a booming voice, the resurrected bear declared that the young man had betrayed them, and all of the bears at the lake descended on the hunter.

In the days following the storm, hunters from the young man’s village found his body in the snow, but there were no tracks left by the bears that mauled him. According to Cherokee tradition, Atagahi is now impossible to find, but visitors to Clingmans Dome can sometimes see morning mist rising from the magic lake.

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