25 Horrifying Paranormal Events Witnessed By People You’d Trust

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9. The Demon House Of Indiana

We don’t have the space to list every spine-chilling thing that happened in a rental house in Gary, Indiana. All you need to know is that both a family case manager and a registered nurse saw the children living there walk backwards up a wall, and that a police captain has verified their claims. That’s surely enough to end your curiosity forever.

10. Reagan’s True Ghost Story

Even Ronald Reagan has his own story of an Abe Lincoln haunting, claiming that he had scared the life out of both his daughter Maureen and her husband. Like other victims of Lincoln’s ghostly pranks, the couple were staying in the Lincoln bedroom of the White House. And the evidence keeps mounting up.

11. The Scottish Poltergeist

Just a few months back, seasoned Scottish police in Glasgow were witness to some downright terrifying phenomena. In a house in Rutherglen, they saw objects flying across the room, lights and doors operating by themselves, and, well, a flying dog. You could claim some “special” whiskey, but these guys were stone cold sober. And veteran cops.

12. Roswell

Speculation, debunking, conspiracies and counter-conspiracies surround the world’s most famous UFO incident in 1947. There’s a lot of evidence to sift through, but none quite as compelling as Lieutenant Walter Haut, who was a public relations officer at the base and saw the wreckage first-hand. His account, released after his death, makes for some pretty eye-opening – and convincing – testimony.

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