25 Horrifying Paranormal Events Witnessed By People You’d Trust

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4. The Mexico City Station Of The Dead

In one of the most highly populated cities in the world, where can the dead go? Underground, it seems, to an appropriately titled metro station called “Panteones” (aka “Cemeteries”). There’s not only the eyewitness accounts of dozens of engineers and workers claiming to see and hear some crazy things, but also a full, verified video of ghastly screams. Although that might have been the result of too much chili in the birria.

5. Michelle Obama’s White House Hauntings

We’d believe anything that the luminous Michelle Obama told us. So when she says the White House is definitely haunted, and that their entire family have heard strange sounds and had the sensation of something gnawing on their feet, we’re not going to argue. Although that last one sounds a lot like Bo.

6. Jimmy Carter Saw A UFO

Plenty of liars of passed through the Oval Office. Jimmy Carter has definitely got a better record than most, which is why we believe him when he said he saw a UFO during a speech in 1969. He clearly hadn’t got the government memo about denying all knowledge. Or maybe he couldn’t hush it up, since a dozen other witnesses saw the exact same thing.

7. The Cry For Help

Officers attending the wreckage of a car that had crashed into a river – just last year – distinctly heard a woman’s voice crying for help. Fair enough, but when they got to the car they found that the driver was long dead. Strangely, her 18-month-old daughter, the only other occupant of the car, had survived. It wasn’t just one person who claims they heard the voice – it was four of them. And they still swear by it.

8. The New Mexico Police Ghost

In Espanola, New Mexico, a police officer was terrified when he saw a ghost appear in the entrance to the station. Others have backed up his claim, saying that hauntings there are a regular occurrence. If the word of several of our civic protectors wasn’t enough, the spirit was also captured on CCTV footage. Which, if you’ve forgotten, is completely incapable of lying.

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