25 Horrifying Paranormal Events Witnessed By People You’d Trust

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It’s a tough life for us believers. No matter how much proof we show, there’s always some lowlife with limited imagination to come along and tell us that the paranormal doesn’t exist. Well, we’ve finally made a definitive list of 25 of the most terrifying, eerie, and downright strange occurrences that simply can’t be denied. These strange happenings haven’t just been witnessed by two, three, or a whole bunch of people – they’ve been experienced by the most trustworthy people on the planet. Doctors, scientists, heads of states, and police officers – all of them have had chilling contact with the spirit world, and all of them came away believers. Now it’s your turn.

1. The 9/11 Angel

A singular and psychologically shattering event like 9/11 attracts its fair share of strange reports (and nutty conspiracies), but none quite so verifiable as that of a mystery black woman, dressed in an old-fashioned Red Cross uniform, helping out rescue workers. Not only was she never identified, she seems to have never existed. Although several officers and a lieutenant of the NYPD would claim otherwise.

2. The 13-Year-Old Royal Clairvoyant

What a weird place history was. For example, did you know that after Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, died, she still talked to him for thirty years? It’s true. Through a teenaged boy who claimed to be in contact with the prince – and knew intimate details that no-one but Albert could’ve – the Queen continued to make world-affecting decisions with her dead husband’s help. Could you imagine that happening these days?

3. The British Roswell Incident

The Brits had their own strange encounter with a UFO, back at the end of 1980. And although Roswell has forever been covered up, it was much harder to deny that Sgt. James Penniston had actually touched the lit-up craft. After retiring, he even released a detailed account of his contact. Several others also verified his claims, which definitely would have pissed off the men in black.

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