23 Hidden Things Casual Players Still Haven’t Found In Ghost Recon: Wildlands

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19Did We Just Ride A Llama That Farts Rainbows?

Slightly random, but easily one of the most fun (and crazy) vehicles in the game. However, it can only be acquired in the Narco Roads DLC pack, which might just be worth buying though if you fancy riding a llama dirt bike that farts out rainbows when you accelerate…

To find the unexplained hybrid vehicle, you need to head to the Los Jinetes Locos region on the map. Get a helicopter, and fly down to the Santa Muerte Tomb. On the very top of the tomb, you will see the llama – enjoy the ride!

18There’s Something Waiting For Us, And It Ain’t No Man…

Predator is one of the most famous sci-fi villains in the fantasy universe. We’ve seen him fight alien, but never did we think he’d be roaming around in Ghost Recon: Wildlands, ready to attack any players in his path.

Get your walking boots on, this ones hard to find!

The mission is located between the Caimanes region – it is exactly two lands south from the Las Angela Wreck. It’s tricky to explain, so you engage your true explorer skills. In this area, you will find a girl sitting in front of a rock covered in red. You will be told to investigate three areas – watch your back!

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