23 Hidden Things Casual Players Still Haven’t Found In Ghost Recon: Wildlands

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21Unlock The Fastest Car In The Game

There are a number of rare vehicles hidden out of sight across the game. Our favorite is the mighty fast Lamborghini ranking to be one of, if not the fastest car in the game, bringing a Forza vibe to the open-world. The supercar can be found in Itacua, in an area near the introduction of the game. In Itacua head to a place called Khochi (bottom right), the Lamborghini respawns around the top right edge, just where the ocean borders. Search around here and you will eventually come across it.paranormal,paranormal,paranormal

20Yes, There Is A Ghost…

Did you think Wildlands was a game just about bringing down a malicious force in the South? You were wrong. As Ubisoft have featured yet another easter egg telling the tale of a missing boy… One day a village boy went to help his Mother in the swamp wash clothes, and mysteriously disappeared.

The villagers and his family searched everywhere for him, but he never returned. The ghost of the boy can be located around the ‘Child Hut’, watching passers-by through the eerie waters.

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