23 Hidden Things Casual Players Still Haven’t Found In Ghost Recon: Wildlands

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Ghost Recon: Wildlands was released worldwide in March 2017. The tactical shooter is the tenth installment in the Tom Clancy franchise and was described by Ubisoft to be one of their biggest open-worlds to date, also becoming the first Tom Clancy game to feature an open-world environment. It features a range of different regions: mountains, lakes, forests, deserts and even underground caves. The game is based upon the actual works in the military, using the same weapons and gear; creating a more realistic feel for players.

There are many secret locations, weapons, easter eggs, and missions in the game that many casual players haven’t stumbled upon. However, if you were truly committed to this game, then it’s likely you may have discovered some – if not, prepare for hours of challenges and adventures.

The game is based in Bolivia and strangely enough in the year 2019. The country has been overrun by a wicked group, and it’s up to the players (taking the role in an elite special operations unit) to take them out. It all sounds serious, however, the game is filled with easter eggs that will make you wonder why on earth they’ve in there. Many hidden secrets have been revealed in this game, but there are still many that haven’t been uncovered. We’ve put together a list 25 hidden secrets in Ghost Recon: Wildlands that have taken us on the wildest of adventures.

Lock and load, because it’s time to venture through an open-world full of surprises and mysteries.

23The Best Sniper Rifle In The Game (And A Tank)

TANKS! – There are a fair few APC’s dotted around the map, however, they aren’t necessarily easy to obtain. One can be found a little west of the Montuyoc, following the road right down into an area named Choza Padre Mine. There are a lot of enemies here, however, once you have passed and obtained the APC, there is a plethora of gear you’ll have access to. Down in the mine, you will find the MSR sniper rifle, which is arguably the best sniper rifle in the entire game. Good luck!

22Sam? Is That You?

Yes, Splinter Cell did a crossover event with Ghost Recon: Wildlands, in a mission featuring the protagonist. The mission was added in the spring 2018 update, located in La Cruz.

WARNING: Players must be stealthy approaching the mission area…

You will eventually come across the story mission icon exploring La Cruz region. Sam Fisher will ask for your help and the journey begins. The quest has teased players into wondering if the crossover means a new Splinter Cell game, it could be possible?

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