21 of the Most Creepy Abandoned Places and Their Stories

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3. The 107-Year-Old Floating Forest – SS Ayrfield

Location: Homebush Bay, Sydney, Australia

Building/Facility Type: Shipwreck

Last recorded use: 1972 (Launched from the UK in 1911 under the name SS Corrimal)

Description: Homebush Bay used to be home to various ship-breaking operations during the mid-20th Century. Various wrecked hulls remain in the area including the most famous of them, the SS Ayrfield.

The ship was built and launched from the UK in 1911 and later registered as SS Ayrfield in Australia in 1912 as a steam-collier. It transported supplies during WW2 and returned to service as a steam collier post-war until it was decommissioned in 1972.

Most of its superstructure was reclaimed and scrapped during the 1970’s but ship-breaking operations ceased in the same decade, leaving the hull to float ominously in the bay.

Nature has since reclaimed the ship creating an amazingly beautiful, yet creepy, abandoned shipwreck.

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