21 of the Most Creepy Abandoned Places and Their Stories

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There are many abandoned places around the world but some are very creepy indeed. These 21 are prime examples.

Long past their heyday, these 21 creepy abandoned buildings, wrecked ships, sunken cities and old military installations are some of the scariest places in the world.

Some of them have been redeveloped or demolished in recent times but their legacy is still fresh in the minds of those who visited them.

A few of them are strictly off-limits yet others are free for you to visit if you are brave enough.

This list is far from exhaustive and is no particular order.

1. The Jet Star Rollercoaster Was a Spooky Abandoned Fairground Ride

Location: Seaside Heights, New Jersey

Building/Facility Type: Abandoned Fairground Ride

Last recorded use: 2002-2012

Description: The Jet Star Rollercoaster was once a popular attraction between the 70’s and 00’s. The owners did attempt to sell the site but it was not financially viable to refurbish it.

It was finally stricken down by the Superstorm Sandy in 2012 and left to rust for 6 months in the Atlantic Ocean before being demolished.

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