15 Times People Regretted Filming The Paranormal

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Urban exploration has become popular for many as a hobby. It includes exploring an abandoned location and documenting the experience using film equipment. This usually leads to uninteresting finds, but sometimes it can end in the people wishing they never stepped foot on the property.

It’s often theorized that some spirits don’t like to be filmed, and this is why many spirits lash out when they are captured on camera. Other times, the spirits run away, as if to be camera shy. These instances of people filming their investigations, whether it be urban exploring or a creepy night shift, end in complete terror befalling the person behind the camera.

There are many stories of how spirits will often become evil spirits, because of the way they passed away. If they were killed by somebody they will most likely be evil towards anyone who resembles that person or just people in general. This can result in physical harm to people exploring. However, often times the spirits just scare the people away, because they don’t like the presence of other people in their area. Whatever the case, if you’re going to explore a strange noise or an abandoned building, be ready for anything…


A college campus in San Francisco has a legend of a girl that hanged herself, and she now haunts the halls of the campus. One night, a guard experienced strange encounters and decided to pull out his camera to record in case anything else happened. Unfortunately for him, it did. In the video, the guard is walking down a large hall peering into pitch black classrooms.

After panning from one of the classrooms, he captures a black figure at the end of the hall. The figure quickly darts behind a wall, and the distressed guard beings to run after it. From the way the figure seems to float away, it’s clear that this isn’t human. The guard is so startled by what he’s seen that he begins to run out of the building. The man makes sure to film the surrounding area to prove the figure wasn’t hiding somewhere.

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