15 Strange, Creepy, And Kind Of Haunting Things People Stumbled Upon

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I startle really easily. Like, if my dog licks my hand and I don’t know she’s there, I’ll probably scream. I’ve been in an abandoned house once and we stumbled upon some things that fit every category of strange, creepy, and definitely haunting. I ran out of there as fast as I possibly could have.

But none of those things were quite as weird as the list here. I definitely will not be going on any deep sea adventures, searching through abandoned houses, or looking in my walls or basements anytime soon.

1. I have so many questions about this.

A Redditor found this guy (and the toilet?) 30m under the sea. Did the teddy bear and toilet get thrown overboard at the same time? Or did they separately come to find each other?

2. Reddit user erikaatheistsen182 found this secret door in her bedroom, and WHAT?!

Apparently that’s where the water heater is located, but that seems a bit fishy to me. Still waiting to hear if she ever found monsters or ghosts. I’ll keep you updated. paranormal,paranormal,paranormal

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