13 Signs That You Are Being Followed By A Ghost

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Have you ever had a feeling of being watched?

Have you been in situations that made you feel like you saw some kind of shadow or heard some kind of noise?

Or has there been a sudden drop in temperature around you and you can’t seem to find the cause for that?

Then you might be in the presence of some type of spiritual being.

Seeing things just out of the corner of your eyes, and feeling like you have company in an empty room, are just one of the signs that you are followed by a ghost.

Having to wear a jacket or seek warmth even when your environment is warm already can be a big sign.

Also hearing voices and seeing images that you sometimes doubt to be reality can be a big sign that you are stalked by a spiritual being.

These experiences shouldn’t be disregarded as something that isn’t relevant.

As much as the supernatural hasn’t had a strong case for its existence, a lot of events that occur in our everyday lives continuously point to the reality of the paranormal.

Although very little progress has been made to prove the supernatural using scientific methods and tools such as pressure and temperature sensors, cameras, etc. it seems that our brains catch on a lot faster to the energies emitted from the other world.

Could this be one of the many capabilities of our brains we have yet to discover?

As of the moment, it does look like we haven’t advance scientifically to such a level that we can truly make sense of what is actually going on.

And this statement is made following the bewilderment of critics (often scientist) who try to make sense of the experiences of witnesses.

And so, to be on the safe side, it is important that you seek an experienced head when it comes to certain issues such as the one we talk about in this article.

And now, without any further ado, let’s get to the 13 signs that show that you are with a ghost.

1. A gentle breeze, a soft voice.

Have you ever been sitting back at home (alone) only to notice some gentle breeze go round you — on a humid and windless day?

And while this is going on, you also hear a voice speak in a soft tone?

Or, having the breeze break stuff or slam doors and windows?

If this incident happens on a frequent basis, then this should be looked into.

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