10 Terrifying Ghost Stories Of Dead Prostitutes

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When we think of ghost stories, we may visualize old castles and graveyards with haunting spirits lurking in the shadows. For many, such stories are nothing more than fantasy.

But some people are more open-minded about paranormal activity and try to understand the unknown. Are these lost souls from the past? If so, who are they and why do they remain?

These 10 prostitutes—whose sadness, despair, anger, and energy apparently refuse to depart this world—may haunt the unsuspecting for centuries to come.


10. Miss Elizabeth And Her Infant Child

At the beginning of the 20th century, Goldfield, Nevada, was a prosperous mining town where thousands settled with the dream of striking it rich. In 1908, the Goldfield Hotel was built over a mine shaft and remains there to this day along with some of the hotel’s resentful spirits.

Aside from a confirmed suicide in the hotel in 1915, which has been associated with ghostly sightings, the most disturbing story occurred in Room 109. George Winfield, the hotel’s original owner, was having an affair with a prostitute named Elizabeth who unintentionally became pregnant. Amid fears of public scrutiny, Winfield chained Elizabeth to a radiator in Room 109, keeping her hidden from public view.

After the baby was born, Winfield allegedly threw his newborn down the mining shaft in the basement and left Elizabeth chained to the radiator to die. Ever since, many visitors have reported seeing Elizabeth in Room 109 and feeling her icy presence. A baby’s cries have also been heard echoing from that room.

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