10 Strange Unsolved Mysteries

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When the conversation turns to the strange and seemingly inexplicable, certain subjects crop up like ghostly activities, unexplained anomalies, and mysterious people and creatures. For those like us who have an interest in such matters, here are ten unsolved mysteries that may not get quite as much press as others.

10. Hornsey Coal Poltergeist January 1921

On January 1, Mr. Frost bought a load of coal, which was delivered to his house at 8 Ferrestone Road, Hornsey, London. From the beginning, it was clear to Frost, his wife, and three young children (or grandchildren; the family’s relationships aren’t consistent in newspaper accounts) that this was no ordinary coal. When burned in the fireplace grate, the coal exploded or even more unsettling, jumped out of the grate, took a stroll across the floor, and vanished, only to reappear showers of sparks in another room. Frost sought help from a police inspector, who experienced some frightening incidents first hand.

The terrifying activity escalated. Objects like coal scuttles moved without being touched. A knife and a loaf of bread flew across the room. Knick-knacks fell off shelves. Events like these were witnessed by Rev. A.L. Gardiner, Vicar of St. Gabriel’s, and Dr. Herbert Lemerle. Speculation abounded. The coal came from British mines, and it was supposed by some that disaffected miners had mixed dynamite with coal to cause explosions (later disproved). Others believed the poltergeist activity was caused by the spirits of angry mine workers, while skeptics blamed the boys.

The five-year old girl, Muriel Frost, died on April 1, purportedly frightened to death by the poltergeist activity in her family home. Her brother, Gordon, was hospitalized following a nervous breakdown after his sister’s death. I haven’t been able to discover what happened to the Frost family following these tragedies.

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