10 Paranormal Events Witnessed By Police

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8. Enfield Poltergeist

In 1977, an unassuming house in Enfield made the news in a big way. It wasn’t because of a crime or missing child. Instead, Peggy Hodgson claimed that her house had been infiltrated by an evil entity. Hodgson claimed that her daughter, Janet, told her that her brothers’ beds were shaking and vibrating. The next evening, Hodgson heard a loud noise coming from the children’s bedroom. Upon investigating, she saw a chest of drawers moving by itself. She and the children were unable to move it back to its original place.

In addition to all of this, there was a strange knocking throughout the house and Janet seemed to be able to levitate above her bed. The case eventually drew the attention of famed paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. There was a lot of talk and accusations at the time, with many people believing that Hodgson and her children made the whole story up. However, at the same time that these arguments and conversations about the validity of the Enfield haunting were taking place, WP Carolyn Heeps signed an affidavit confirming that she had witnessed a paranormal event at Hodgson’s home after being called out to help the family.

Heeps confirmed in her statement that she saw a chair hovering just off the floor before it moved a little over a meter (4 ft) on its own. Afterward, the police left the house, stating that they could not assist the family since there was no perpetrator breaking the law.

Whether true or not, the events in the Enfield home were featured in the hit horror movie The Conjuring 2, which also features a scene where the police officer witnesses the chair moving on its own.

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